Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yesh!!! from Emily Aug. 31st

YESH!!! (translation: Woo Hoo!!!)

Washer fit out the door, was installed, and is awesome!!!! I LOOOOVE it! It has so many cool options and stuff, and is super energy efficient, and just AWESOME!!!! It will still take us most of the week to catch up on the laundry, but WOO HOO!!!!

In other news, school starts tomorrow, and now that we bought all the supplies and labelled them today, all the kids seem really excited. ALL of them!! One kids who is in Abaye's class came by today to tell him that he wants to help him find the bus tomorrow and help him to his class. The other boy who is in his class and lives on the kibbutz told his dad that he is excited to help Abaye. And then there is an English speaking boy from the neighbor kibbutz who the teacher said will sit next to him to help him in class.

Last night we were at the wedding of Rav Gilead's son. One of the most beautiful weddings I have EVER been to. That family is just so extraordinary-- so sweet, and thoughtful, and sensitive, and smart, and fun!! You could see a glimpse of all of Rav Gilead's extraordinary qualities in his son. Under the huppah, some rabbi was singing one of the sheva brachot, and a bunch of his friends were singing along, and Rav Gilead started jumping up and down to the music. Literally jumping-- boing! boing! Boing! Right under the chuppah! It was SOOOOO adorable!!! There were hundreds and hundreds of people there (he is the rabbi of Kibbutz Lavi, a large kibbutz, and he invited the whole community), and everything was so laid back and heimish and NOTHING was overdone. A small table of simple hors d'oeuvers (but delicious) and drinks, and then one buffet meal (great Israeli salads and a couple of main and side dishes), followed by dancing, birkat hamazon and then dessert (and more dancing, though we left for that part).

During the dancing, I was on the women's side (duh), and at some point the groom wanted to dance with the bride so all the family danced over, and the two of them took turns doing these very free flowy dances for each other for a long time, and then his parents joined in to make a circle, and then his brother and sister came too, and then the sister-in-law ( think), and then her parents and more of her family came into their circle, and everyone was trying to make sure to be holding hands with someone who was either the same sex or a direct relative, and it was all happening very organically and smoothly, and then somehow someone (maybe a sister of the bride) ended up right next to someone else (I think maybe Rav Gilead), and they were about to hold hands and they laughed, and then Dini (Rav Gilead's wife) flew over from the other side of the circle to "save" them by joining in between them, and everybody burst out laughing. They all had a great sense of humor about it!

I'm going to run because we are waiting for THE KINGS (YAYYYYY!!!!!!) to come for dinner. They are bringing us pizza (also yay!).

All the best,


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