Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laundry Update by Emily Aug. 31

So I got the new machine, and it is AWESOME!! I can do an "eco" load in just over an hour and a half. So that means I should be able to do 16 loads a day. Which means I should be able to have it all done by Rosh Hashana!!! So since the machine was installed, I have been putting in load after load. The only thing is, we don't have a dryer. I hung the first load on the clothesline we have, which is enough to hold almost exactly one load (squished). Then we went out for a few hours, so it was dry enough to take down to hang up the next load. With a mother, brother and uncle who are all physicists, you'd think I'd have done the math and figured out that it might be wise to hold up on new laundry until the old laundry was dry. But I couldn't resist. I was obsessed. Whenever the machine was free, I felt it had to be washing laundry. the towels were banging down the washer door begging to come in! So I just did a few loads, and then put the towels on the longest, hottest, cycle to run overnight, adding the optional "intensive" button to that, in hopes of getting the moldy smell and small rodents out of them, and that is going now. And the rest of the laundry that is clean so far (which is still a drop in our bucket of filth) is hanging off of every possible surface in the apt. There are shirts strewn over the top and bottom of every chair (in fact, I am suddenly aware that my back is all wet...) and off the stroller, and on the big cardboard box in which they delivered the machine (thank G-d we haven't gotten rid of that thing yet!), and socks and underwear hanging from handles of all the kitchen cabinets! Whooo-- it's a sight! But why describe what I can show with pictures? See for yourself! And while you're at it, check out Ross hanging the mezuzah at the little mezuzah hanging party the yeshiva staff threw for us this morning! (OK, OK. He wasn't actually hanging the mezuzah there. I made him pose because I couldn't get a shot of him really doing it. There's my bit of "academic integrity" for the day).

The scene reminds me of when we went to visit the Mivassairs when they were living in Jerusalem and they had cloth diapers strewn over all the windowsills and radiators. Remember that? (Oops-- was that not for sharing? Some people don't like to have their dirty laundry aired-- HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!) Boy, is it late. Or else I should get a day job. Nah....

G'nite for real! (maybe... hmmm.... I woner if those towels are almost done? Maybe I could squeeze in another load before sun rise?)


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