Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aliya Update Newsflash by Emily on Aug. 31st

So Ross has developed a system of checking in with everyone about how they feel about the move. He calls it the "aliyah meter." It goes from one to 10, from "worse than horrible" to "couldn't be better." Abaye has declared from the start that he is negative infinite on the meter. But today, after we got his school supplies, and the two kids came from the kibbutz to offer to help him, and one even stayed for awhile to play with him and his friend Avinoam who was visiting (who we knew from Baltimore but they live not too far from here), I could tell he was in much better spirits, and aat bedtime he declared to Ross that his aliyah meter went up ten points. Ross replied. "wow! Really? 10 points?" but then the little boy genius pointed out that 10 points up from infinite is still infinite. So while the progress is statistically insignificant, it's a great start!

I'm off to switch some laundry!

PS Did I mention that when they installed the dishwasher, true to the rumors we heard, the guy tried (successfully) to sell us extra stuff (something to keep rocks out of the water, and something to protect the electricity from blowing-- we were told there are important)? And did I mention that for purchasing those extra stuff he have us a free "toaster?" And did I mention that a "toaster" is not a toaster, but an electric grill-- like a sandwich maker? (because here a grilled sandwich is called a "toast") I think I didn't. So now we have purchased 2 appliances, and received 4 free (I think I mentioned the kumkum, mixer and juicer they gave me at the store for buying the 2 appliances, right? Are all of you keeping up?) Do you think if I hold out at some point we will get a free dishwasher? Like maybe if I buy a food processor or something?

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