Thursday, September 2, 2010

Appliances 101 by Emily Aug. 29

Hi guys!

Our washing machine was delivered today! (YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

...but it may not fit through the balcony door to the laundry closet (RATS!)
But it does look very nice in the middle of our kitchen/dining room/living room....

It certainly doesn't fit out the balcony in its big box, and they have this rule here that the delivery guy is not allowed to install the machine, or even TAKE IT OUT OF ITS PACKAGING, so we won't know for sure if it fits until the technicians come on TUESDAY to install it. (The machine supposedly measures 60 cm, and the doorway is PRECISELY 60 cm, so that could really go either way, eh?) According to the delivery guy, it can ONLY be installed by technicians from the company, who apparently install everything, teach you how to use the machine, and then try to sell you all kinds of accessories. (Really!) Do we have this rule in America too? Where no one can touch your appliance until the company comes out and installs it? I never bought a really major appliance before, but I don't remember anything like that with my toaster oven! Or my hand blender!

Apparently, they don't actually have this rule with ovens. We also got our oven delivered today. The guy in the store said if I wanted he could arrange for someone from the company to come out to install it, but he told me I could just read the instructions, which are in English, and hook it up myself. That didn't sound too hard.... It turns out the instruction booklet is filled with all kinds of useful instructions such as (I am not making this up) "Please check your product that it has got any failure or lacking. If you find a damage sourced by transportation, please contact with sales department that you bought product or region store that sent product to you;" and (no one could possibly make this up...), "Please be sure that plug of your oven cooker is accidentally if the pulled beyond the extent of the power cord, the Earth wire will pull out last. If your residence did not contain earth system the producer company dose not responsible about the damaged event."

I know that must be what I sound like when I try to explain to salespeople what I am looking for, but I am not getting PAID to shop for my appliances.... Are there really no better English speakers they can find to translate these things? I was just on a plane with 300 Americans looking for work!!

Anyway, I tried to use the "grill" component of the oven (it's a totally separate section of the oven) to make dinner (veggie dogs and buns), and I am thinking of renaming it the "slow defrosting component." i don't think the problem is the oven, as much as my lack of understanding of how to use it. Good friends of ours have the same oven, and they have not mentioned anything about a slow-defrosting grill. Once I realized the food wasnt' cooking much, I turned up everything to the highest setting that wasn't obviously meant to do something else (like the stove elements and the big oven). Shockingly it didn't burn anything, and in fact, it cooked our food just right. But I am wondering if I actually call the company and ASK them to come and check it out for me now, and teach me how to use it, if they would do that. I plan to do a little experiment tomorrow....

But our little hot water kettle is working great! even better after we solved the mystery of the shockingly short cord! The cord to plug it in was so short that to plug it in, I had to stand it on the box it came in so it would reach the outlet. Just as ross and I were standing there laughing about how we both noticed that (he was wondering why I was keeping it on top of its box), on a whim, I turned it over, and realized that the cord was wrapped around and tucked well underneath the machine. So that was no one's fault but ours.

Well kids, that's enough stories for today. It's time to close your eyes and go to sleep (now I'm talking to myself...).

It's been great sharing. Now what's going on with you?!



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