Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School -- Sept 1 by Emily

I know I've been writing a lot, and I'll try to contain myself soon. In fact, Ross said he'll help me start a blog instead of the emailing thing when he gets a chance, so I'll keep you posted about that. But in the meantime, I have to share about the first day of school. It was AWESOME!!!!!! Abaye already has 4 really good friends. One of them lives right across from us, and yesterday they went and played at his house, and today he came over and played here, and had dinner with us. Also over for dinner was Shachar, a little girl who, while she's no Leya and no Chaya, told her mom about Adin, and together they brought us over dinner, and Shachar stayed to eat with us and play with Adin. She doesn't speak a word of English. Adin is going to play there tomorrow. Adin is still really frustrated that he can't understand Hebrew, but he still wants to go to gan, and it is definitely not stopping him from wanting to go to Shachar's house. One of Abaye's friends declared that he is Abaye's bodyguard, though Abaye insists there is no one to defend him from. I asked if the guy who speaks English has been helpful, and he's one of the 4 friends, but apparently there is no need for the help. Abaye said he understands everything, and his Hebrew is better than that guy's English. Shai has an amazing teacher, and he said school is great, though so far he has only made one friend. There is only one other boy in the school from the kibbutz, who he hasn't really met yet. There is this really adorable pack of girls on kibbutz who are in his class, but he refers to them as the "nutcases." I think he means it as a term of endearment.

Anyway, I'm trying to keep it short for now. Stay tuned for a new format to come....

Layla tov,

PS I totally forgot I would have to FOLD all that laundry!!!!!

PSS But really, that's my last word about laundry. I'm moving on....

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