Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Succot!


I just heard a wierd noise outside and I went to check it out, and IT'S RAINING!!!!!

What a bracha!!!!!!  (except I had to run out and save the laundry and the sukkah decorations...) 

It may seem pretty mundane there, but here it was feeling like it will NEVER rain!!!  It feels amazing! 

(and Estarisa-- now I am relating to your Vancouver sukkat building experience!  Except I'm not really, b/c it shpritzed for like 10 minutes and now the excitement is over and the floor is already dry -- but I do have great memories of the year when everyone's sukkot blew down when we lived there-- when Ross watched out the window at 2 in the morning as our massive Shaarey Tefilah sukkah collapsed, and Marie Dodek's sukkah blew right into the river and downstream and was gone in the morning, and Ross had to find a place for lunch the next day, and had a carnivorous feast, because when I ran into Rochelle Enkin (am I spelling that name right?-- boy was that a million years ago!) in the supermarket, the first thing she said to me was, "When was the last time that boy had meat?!")

Anyway, our sukkah is up, but the shopping, cooking and cleaning yesterday gave way to sitting in the ER with Abaye, who thought he broke his toe (though he didn't), and who for some mysterious reason is not signed up with our health care (unless his name is David Koffman).  Last night we were at Hadas Richter's bat mitzvah (SOOOOOOOO amazing!!!!!), and on the way we took a little detour to our old Jerusalem stomping grounds, where the kids had some pizza sababa, and I did a bit of Sukkot shopping-- I hit the ole Super Moshava for some wacky mac (3.50 a box), heinz baked beans (2.50 a medium can), and cream cheese  (GASP!!!! $6 a little tub!!!!-- I didn't even look till just now!) -- shopping in little America!  they even had Imagine soups, but not the tomato kind, which is the only thing I would consider paying these prices for.  Please remind me we can't afford to do that again!! 

Oh-- and 2 dozen Tal Bagels!!!

Have a super terrific, sweet, meaningful, beautiful, dry Sukkot!



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