Monday, May 28, 2012

Bounce, Bing and Boing

A pigeon decided to build a nest outside on our washing machine.  We named her Bounce.  I tried to discourage her at first (by dismantling the nest a couple of times), but by the Israeli law of "Homa and Migdal" (loosely translated/explained: if you have the permanent structures of a community built by morning you get to stay...), she completed the nest and laid eggs on it one night, and by morning it was hers.

Just so you don't think me cruel, the only reason I wanted to discourage her was because I didn't know how it would be for the little guys to be bounced around all day to the movements of our washer and dryer.  You could indeed see her eyes kinds of bouncing around in her head as she sat on them.  She also would get scared when I would switch loads, and often flew away, causing us concern that the eggs were not being sufficiently sat upon.

When the little miracles were born, they were so small and shrivelly looking that we feared the worst.  I contemplated calling in an expert, but I had heard that when people touch a nest, it makes the mom refuse to return, so we just waited and watched.  Meanwhile, we optimistically named them Bing and Boing.

And just like with Adin 6 years ago, those little scrawny helpless looking things have developed into strong, fine young citizens.  We expect them to fly off any day.  And we will miss them. 



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