Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big Hug not news?!?!?!

Hey gang, 

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that tomorrow, finally, after all these months, The Big Hug will be taking place in the Knesset.  I wrote a piece about it, but two major Jewish papers informed me that it's "not news" that two thirds of the Israeli Parliament is going to participate in a group hug.  One of them offered to put it in their blog, and the other is going to publish the story after it happens in their magazine, since of course, it's NOT NEWS.  The Hug will include representatives from all thirteen parties in the Knesset, including left wing and right wing, religious and secular, Arab and Jewish.  Can someone explain to me how this is not news?!?!  

Even in Israel, it is hard to find evidence of the event.  Maariv wrote an article about the idea when it first started (back when only 10 members had agreed to participate).  Other than that, the only sign of it is on Beni's Facebook page (which I recommend you check out if you understand Hebrew-- there are videos showing live footage of Knesset members Daniel Ben Simone and Zeev Bielski, self=-appointed "ambassadors of the Big Hug"--  recruiting huggers in the hallways of the Knesset.  

Today the news is about a massive rocket attack into Southern Israel.  A man was killed, a number were injured, and then there was the trauma to many others.  Just like when it snows in America and you turn on the radio for the school closing, there is a list of school closings here due to security concerns.  that's the news.  I get that.  But with all the reports of war and fighting, isn't there just a little space for a blurb about our elected leaders getting along?  Hugging, even?  

Anyway, I won't tell you more about the story, since I don't totally know yet how this writing business works, but I don't want to infringe on my own copyright of a story I have been told will run next weekend, but I do want to let you all know that you can tune into the hug live (though everything will be in Hebrew).  It will be broadcast live from the Knesset floor from 2-4:00 israel time tomorrow (Monday).  If you live in Israel, you can turn on Galei Tzahal.  If you live somewhere else, you can go to their website and click on "listen live" (or the Hebrew equivalent of that?!)

  I would have gone down to the Knesset to watch it live, but I have to go to an important program at Tali's school.  But I will definitely be tuned into the radio....  

Anyway, that's all for now.  If I hear of anyone kissing, I'll be sure to send another update right away....


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