Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beni Update

Beni Update

First of all, after seven months of listening for it, we were away when someone finally guessed the Chush HaNichush (Remember-- that's the part of the show where he sings a song silently in his head, and people call in to guess what he sang).  We missed the big moment, but it was a song I didn't know anyway.  And now they're on to song number three.

The Final Countdown segment of the show may be over.  I didn't hear it at its regular time yesterday.  Maybe he found a song he likes better.  Or maybe he ran out of listeners who love it as much as he does....

Yesterday I heard my least favorite segment-- where he has someone famous come on and hum a song with him.  I don't usually find it particularly funny or interesting, and I usually don't know the song.  But for some reason yesterday he had two guys on, and they were from some (apparently) popular show on the kids' channel.  When he asked what they want to hum, they said, "Manumanum, from R'hov Sumsum (Sesame Street)."  First of all, I totally know that one!!  And second of all, they did an AWESOME rendition!!

But most importantly, the Beni news you've all been waiting for....  Those famous guys asked what's happening with the Big Hug (where he is trying to get all the members of Knesset to participate in a big group hug), and he said it is happening at the end of October.  What a great way for them to start the year after the Holidays!!!  He says he has already 80 members, and he hopes to still bring a few more on board.  I don't know if he has reached Netanyahu or Livni yet.  I think I'll go check out the website and see if he posts stuff like that.

In other news, the kids' friends are so happy to have them back, and I am very excited about the new school year.  I am excited because Abaye got the teacher I was hoping for (who is AMAZING)-- he was Shai's teacher last year), and Shai;s teacher is a friend on the kibbutz who also seems terrific.   

Meanwhile, we found what seems like this really amazing music school.  It looks like a great community, and I think Tali will LOVE it.  It will be a great venue for all the music she is working so hard on (she will be studying voice and piano and attending a theory class, and she may add guitar at some point (which she has already begun teaching herself).  She will also be in a small choir, and possibly some sort of instrument ensemble down the road.  The theory, choir and ensemble come free with the lessons.  So that should keep her busy (she was worried about school being too easy...).    Adin is having so much fun with his friends and at gan.  He loves being back on schedule (gan started Sunday).  He gave out little gifts of silly bands and American chocolate, and now he is like the most popular guy there.  He is also so excited because he is a "bogair" (one of the older kids-- the gan has pre-K and K, so this year he's one of the Ks).  He says things like, "and he can borrow my hat because it will fit him because I'm a bogair!"  or "And I can help the little guys because I'm a bogair!"  

I think that's about it for news from here.  Nothing interesting like earthquakes or hurricanes.  Just boring ole Israel here.  I'd love to hear back from all you East-coasters when you get your power back....



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